Project Brief
The conceptual app "Snooze Aid" was designed to give stressed Millennials/Gen Z a useful, constructive, and easy way to fall asleep so that they can succeed in their busy schedules. The difference between the design of Snooze Aid and other quantified self sleep apps is it has an in depth resource to help the user fall asleep. The app has stories, music, games, advice, and light changes to help the user fall asleep.
The first screen, which opens when the app is opened, is the home screen. This is where you can access all features of the app here: the recording function, graphs, smart alarm, nap feature, the snooze lab (which helps you fall asleep), and information on sleep. 
Nap Time
Users can choose a type of nap they would like to take by clicking on the sleek buttons, similar to the design of the home page. Each button has different types of naps with various lengths. The user selects the type of nap and is asked if they would like to fall asleep now or be taken to the Snooze Lab. 
Snooze Lab
Snooze Lab is where users can use different techniques to help them fall asleep. The six different options include the ability to change lighting within the app, advice based on what the user did that day, relaxing to nature sounds, slow games, calming music, and serene stories. This is unlike any other sleeping app because it has many different relaxing and sleep enhancing features all together. 

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