Project Brief
James DeAngelis wanted an updated site to showcase his work for potential employers and fans of his work. He also wanted to be able to easily update his site when a new video came out. The plan was to move and redesign his site to work within the confines of WordPress so that he would have control over the media upload frequency.
The website compliments James DeAngelis’ personality through color and clarity. There was a lot about his personality that drew me to the color blue for the website, including California beaches and his favorite lightsaber color. His straight forward attitude made me want to create a website with a minimal and modern appeal.
I started by sketching out the pages and the flow users would take through his site. His main users are his potential clients and fans. Both of the users want to find out more about James DeAngelis as easily as possible.
The final site is used by James DeAngelis as a portfolio, resume, contact center, and more. See it live at!

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