Project Brief
Pacific Immersion is a company started by Rob Holmes (my uncle) and I. We wanted to bring our passion for coastal living into the hearts, minds, and homes of others by creating affordable one-of-a-kind art and lifestyle goods that can easily be purchased online. Before we could provide these goods we had to research our market, create a brand, and design a delightful shopping experience.
By sending a survey to a potential user base, we were able to find out more about who are users are, the type of products they would like, and details to add to a future shopping experience.

I then began a competitive analysis to see who our biggest competitors were within Pacific Immersion's niche market space.
Site Map
Our user survey and competitive analysis helped define the products people want to shop for. Armed with our new page topics, I brought them into a card sorting tool to better see how our users organized the information and created our site architecture from there.
After some user research, I began sketching layouts with pen and paper. 

The sketches were then brought into Sketch App where I could create more finalized wireframes.
Style Guide
I then designed a logo, chose colors for our brand, and selected a clean web-friendly font. This style guide was then used to transform the wireframes into a new on-brand shopping experience.
Final Product
The prototype was used to inform the final product development and create the site you see below. Pacific Immersion is now live and selling beach-inspired one-of-a-kind art and lifestyle goods. Please check us out at

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