Project Brief
Sharpe Suiting wanted to focus their efforts on upgrading their web & mobile shopping experience for their customers. The goal was to not only upgrade their overall digital presence, but to make it known that they have pre-made suits ready to buy online. 
The 2 main objectives users come to the site for are scheduling custom suit consultations and shopping for pre-made custom suits. To get some further insight, I interviewed users to see how they interacted with the current site and kept note of any gaps that I could help with.
Through this research, I found that most users were confused about how Sharpe Suiting could benefit them and only realized the exact offerings until they clicked further into the website. I realized this was something I could help with by showcasing their services front and center on the home page.
Site Architecture
After learning more about how users interacted with Sharpe Suiting's website, I moved content around to where it would be needed and proposed a new architecture structure.
Once the page and site structure was approved, I moved forward with creating wireframe sketches of each of the pages.
The pages went through several iterations. Below you'll see the home page in its beginning phases to the end result.
After creating mockups, meeting with the Sharpe team, and revising based on feedback, I started developing the site.
Final Product
By talking with the Sharpe Suiting team and real users I was able to find a happy balance of solutions for the business and their customers. At the end of the project the site architecture, photography, copy, and style guide were all updated to better serve Sharpe Suiting as they continue to expand. Please feel free to check it out at

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