Project Brief
When you live in San Francisco it’s very common that you or someone you know with a car will get a parking ticket frequently. When people around me kept getting tickets it made me question the logistics of San Francisco Parking Tickets. I felt the best way to show information on tickets was to give it the form of a San Francisco Parking Ticket. This ticket shaped infographic was designed to be at poster size.
I started with a rough sketch so I could decide what information to show and where to display them in correlation with the San Francisco Parking ticket. Afterwords I made a wireframe and first draft of a more retro SF ticket. Lastly, I went with one of the more modern ticket designs, which had a different logo, color, and width. This was to help the correlation of a parking ticket design with the parking ticket information.
From the project I learned that although ticket prices are rising, this causes people to take public transit more often and have a positive effect on the environment.
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